If the bridge has been paid for seems to me its time to hook a chain around the toll (troll) booth attached to a couple of high powered golf carts and ripped from its foundation!! Thats bullshit that people get away with raping the public that way!

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I need to file a complaint with whomever controls the bridge tolls as the ol' guy and woman in the booth have attempted to rip me off twice now. The ol' guy taking the money, not knowing my girlfriend speaks fluent spanish took my cash and told the booth lady to just rip them off with the change. Hahaaa.. SO funny.. Then, next time I go to pay the lady and she says the toll charge is in US. But the next time the guy says it's in BZ.!!! So we need some clarification on the sign and I will be calling San Pedro Police to the booth next time it happens. But I would like to file a complaint if anyone knows the person in charge?

Great question because no one knows. It was built by the Bowen's and the tolls were only supposed to pay for the construction of the bridge. Once the construction costs were paid off, then the tolls should have been terminated. The bridge has now been paid off and the tolls still continue.

Good luck getting the cops to come help you out. I had to call them one day because some thug was standing right in front of our cafe smoking weed (in broad daylight) and also trying to sell it to my customers and incoming tourists. Since this is one of the busiest spots on the island I thought they might be interested in stopping this kind of action. So 2.5 hours later, they showed up and the guy was obviously gone after offending COUNTLESS people. I wouldnt expect them to come out to assist very quickly.

I would just go straight to the Town Council....you might have a little luck with them. Pablo Ico is one of the most helpful and accessible people you will find. If not there, then try the BTB. They at least act like they care and they tend to realize that actions like this actually hurt tourism.

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