Just woke up 4pm... Had the craziest dream last night?? dreamt Lynne and I went down to San Pedro C.A. and met all these wild, crazy, wonderful people.....where am I??? Lynne is listening to Punta music with Belizian coffee and dancing???? my hair is bleached... body is tan and wearing no shoes.

Is there really a Becky, Laurie, Rich, Mickey, Jessica, Annabelle,-- Denverdan, Hope, Annie and Maggie, Bill T., Gela, Wanker-he's no ordinary dog, Papi, Pasiano, Barefoot Skinny, Eyebrow Licker? couple from Chile, couple from Switzerland... family from Sweden...Maria Elena...??? so much fun..laughs...and more laughs

Slowly waking up...OH NO MON...were the police really involved? "Hey don't look at the lights!" "Hey Becky!" "Hey Laurie!" Too many pools... not enough sprite! What- there's photos involved here??