This is just an extension of the pissing match between the PM and Ashcroft. All this means is that GOB will not give interviews to Ch 5 and so, the Govts side of the story will not be included in ch 5 news pieces. We need opposition news organizations. Who else would have run down the recent immigration scandals associated with Min Perdomo, who by the way, won the challange by newcomer Roger Espejo for his seat by two to one. Remember, ch 7 is owned by Net Vasquez, a big UDP on the board of both Social Security and BTL and pushed thru the vote for SS to invest our $ in BTL stock. I think news and mananging director of Ch 7 news, Jules Vasquez, is great and consider him a good friend and give him tips all the time. Amalia Mai is the CEO of ch 5, also a very good friend and PUP soldier, who spend last weekend at my house for a wedding we both went to. We need ch 5 to go after the stories ch 7 won;t or can't. Also at issue is the building Ch 5 bought post Krohn and pre gob takeover of btl. And a whole lot of other things to numerous to detail..

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