Twice in recent days, thousands of dollars kept as evidence at the Belize Police Department have gone missing. A report has been made by the Exhibit Keeper, Noel Muschamp. According to Muschamp, six thousand dollars impounded from a Chinese businessman as forged dollars have disappeared. The other case involves three thousand US dollars from six thousand seized from Diego Witz. Witz is the businessman busted with suspected cocaine that turned out to be fake. He walked from the charge but the money had not been returned and is now missing. A number of persons are suspects but charges have not been levied. This is not the first such report of theft within the Department. In 2001 a well known police officer was accused of stealing money from the department after money was left in a locker. No one was ever charge criminally. The money was the proceeds of an alleged drug bust at a local hotel in which the police had seized some eight thousand dollars.

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