VIP and PUP condemn government’s embargo of Channel 5

While the UDP administration institutes an embargo against Channel Five, the other two political parties have come up with statements condemning the actions of the government. Belmopan’s Vision Inspired by the People states that the government of Belize is not at liberty to discriminate as to which citizen gets public information in a specified manner and which does not. VIP views this move by the government to be an extremely dangerous precedent that must be reversed immediately.

The People’s United Party also condemned the action against one of the only two National Television Stations in Belize. Because the PUP sees government’s action as a vicious attempt to stifle freedom of the press, the party calls on the public to view this move by Government as a poorly masked attempt to suppress any criticism of Government’s action and in so doing monopolize and dictate fact based public opinion. The release ends by saying “We find it irreconcilable that the Government will suspend relations with Channel 5 and Great Belize Productions at a time when this station is being rewarded internationally for excellence in journalism. We stand with the Belizean people in defense of democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.”

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