Neighbors upset with SP Mayor over her family construction
The Mayor of San Pedro is in the spotlight after neighbors have been complaining that a new family owned building has diverted from the original plan and has also been constructed on a part of their properties. Our island correspondent, Jorge Aldana has been following the story and filed the following report.

Jorge Aldana – Reporter
The three terms Mayor of San Pedro Town, Her worship Elsa Paz finds herself at odds with her neighbors following the construction of a family owned multimillion dollars three story building. Neighbors on both Pescador Drive and Angel Coral Street in San Pedro complained to Love News that part of the construction falls within their properties. Neighbors also claimed that the balconies constructed on the second floor of the building invaded the upper space of their properties.
One of the neighbors affected by the construction of the mega building and the demarcation of his property is Francisco Gutierrez. Gutierrez, who property is located from Angel Coral Street to the back part of the Mayor’s family owned property, said he has been living on his property for over 35 years without having a problem until the recently when the construction started going up and the markings of his property where changed by a surveyor contracted by the Mayor.
When Love News visited the area, a private surveyor namely John Hertular hired by the Mayor, was demarcating the properties. Hertular told Love News that there was a discrepancy of about 1 foot between the different prosperities. The property markers were drifted more towards the property of Gutierrez. When asked how comes a discrepancy was just found out after so many years, Hertular said that the electronic equipments used now are more modern and gives precise readings than the manual equipments used to measure the same property over 30 years ago.
Love News also found out during the visit to the construction site that the actual construction of the building was diverted and that the balconies constructed on the upper flat of the building was not according to the original approved construction plan. According to the neighbors the diversion of the building plan was also reported to the Chairman of the Local Building Authority Councilor Joseph Elijio. Councilor Elijio confirm to Love News that he was approached by the neighbors and he will be addressing the issues.
While the Mayor refused an audio interview she stated that the building, which is under a business, namely Paz Sister Company Limited, it is actually owned by four sisters, the Mayor being one. She did admit that the balconies of the building were not according to the approved planed. The unapologetic Mayor said however, that because the plan has been approved and the construction is already in progress, she will have no other options but to adhere to the approved plan and as such readjust the balconies to fit the approved plan. The Mayor denied allegation that part of the building overlap into other properties next to that of her family and said that the physical structure is within the setbacks indicated by the Local Building Authority.
Once a contractor does not abide by the approved construction plan signed the Chairman of the Local Building Authority, a stop order can be given. No stop order has been given in this case up to news time.

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Reporting for Love News from San Pedro Town, I am Jorge Aldana.

Aired 25 November 2010