[i]San Pedro Local Building Authority issue stop order for building partly owned by the Mayor[/i]
A project partly owned by the Mayor of San Pedro Town Elsa Paz was issued with a stop order. Our San Pedro correspondent Jorge Aldana has the details.

Jorge Aldana – Reporter
Two weeks ago, several residents on Pescador Drive and Angel Coral Street in San Pedro made a formal complained to the Chairman of the Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority, Councilor Joseph Elijio. The contention originated from a construction that is in progress under a business, namely Paz Sister Company Limited. The business is actually owned by four sisters, the Mayor of San Pedro Her Worship Elsa Paz being one. Neighbors claimed that the construction falls within their properties. They also complained that the balconies constructed on the second floor of the building invaded the upper space of their properties and the construction itself had deviated from the originally approved planned.
It took over two weeks before the members of the Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority could meet and the news is that a stop order was issued for the building. The meeting took place on Monday night and according to Councilor Elijio, it was found out that the contractors had indeed deviated from the approved plan. Councilor Elijio said “the mayor was not complying with the plans approved by the Local Building Authority,” and as such “a stop order was prepared during the meeting.” Eljio said that he was waiting for two weeks for a surveyor’s report from the Mayor’s family owned construction, but was never handed to the Local Building Authority on the given date.
Several sources within the Local Building Authority told Love News that the meeting ended in “ruckus” since the Mayor was not happy with the decision taken by the members. Love News understands that the Mayor called an informal meeting of the Local Building Authority on Tuesday night to revoke the stop order. We understand the Mayor was told that she does not have the authority to call such meeting of the given board and the meeting was not considered valid. Deputy Mayor Pablo Ico would only say that the meeting ended in “chaos” and would not comment on the record since the matter is “delicate.” Love News also spoke to the Vice Chairman of the Local Building Authority Frank Panton who refused to comment stating the issue is also delicate.
While Councilor Elijio would not confirm if the stop order was executed, Love News understands that both the Police and the inspector of the Local Building Authority in San Pedro executed the stop order on Tuesday December 7th. Operation on the building has stop and as such, it is left to see the next course of action that the Local Building Authority will take to remedy the situation.
Love News try to contact Mayor Paz for comments but the secretary at the San Pedro Town Council told us that Mayor Paz was out of the country.

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Reporting for Love News from San Pedro Town, I am Jorge Aldana

Aired on December 8th, 2010