Hi Yaíll,

A newbie here Ė Iíve enjoyed reading and searching this board. Now I have a few questions that I couldnít find answers to. Iím planning a trip from June 20/21 to July 3 (alone, alas) staying at the Seven Seas. However, they canít take me until the 23rd, so I was wondering about staying until then for 2-3 nights at Rubieís. 1. Can anyone tell me (a) how loud it is in the evenings Ė Iím cursed with being a very light sleeper, (b) is there a way to get ice in the room to have cold water/drinks (Iím assuming they donít have a fridge), and (c) if it would be too hot at that time to get a room with a fan rather than air?

2. Are any of you going to be there during that timeframe?

3. Being a rather shy female alone, how difficult do you think it would be to meet
people to do things with and hang out?

4. Iíve seen reference to June being a rainy season Ė is this true and how bad? Going alone, this trip is way too expensive to spend rained-in somewhere. Iíve wanted to go for years, and after reading this board and how much everyone loves the place, I definitely MUST go Ė I do have flexibility as to when Ė just not before 6/20.

5. How bad are the mosquitoes that time of year? If you are going to be there, you definitely want to hang out with me Ė Iím the best bug repellant youíll find Ė they swarm me and leave everyone else alone!

Thanks so much for any and all help!!