GOB: Rapprochement with Channel 5?

Last Friday at the House Of Representatives we got the indication that Government was softening its hardline position towards Channel 5 - when the Prime Minister indicated that he was open to mediation from the Caribbean Broadcasting Union. We understand that was offered through mediation by former CBU president and former Channel 5 Managing Director Stewart Krohn. But it seems it won't be needed - at least not yet.

That's because tomorrow the Prime Minister will have a personal meeting with Channel 5 CEO Amalia Mai to discuss their differences.

PM Barrow this evening told us that the meeting was agreed to after Mai wrote him asking about a way forward in view of his comments at the house meeting. The PM said he wrote back saying he would be agreeable to a meeting - and after some back and forth it was agreed they would met without a mediator in Belize City tomorrow. We'll tell you how that goes in our next newscast….

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