GOB: Cabinet Will Review Channel 5 Position

Government said it was suspending normal relations with Channel 5 two weeks ago - but last week, the Prime Minister indicated that might be a softening of that hardline when he invited the Caribbean Broadcasting Union to mediate.

Things moved on from there and no mediator was necessary when Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with Channel 5's CEO, Amalia Mai in the government's suite at the Whitfield Tower on Coney Drive today.

And meaningful progress towards a resolution was made. Channel 5 has agreed to air Belmopan Weekly and the Prime Minister will take the matter back to Cabinet when it re-convenes next month. At that time a decision will be made on whether to restore normal relations with Channel 5.

PM Dean Barrow
"Let me just say that it was a very useful, very constructive, very cordial meeting. I have agreed on the basis of the discussion we had and on the basis of the CEO's Mai assurances to me. I have undertaken to at the first cabinet meeting in the New Year - which takes place on the Tuesday of the first working week - to ask cabinet to agree to the resumption of normal relations with Channel 5. I will take the position at that meeting that this should be done. I only don't say that we can do it immediately because I do have to get the support of cabinet."

Prime Minister Barrow said that the meeting was a constructive one and both sides have agreed to move forward without casting blame and made a commitment to operate on the basis of mutual respect.

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