Purchased from Madisco 4 years ago. These shutters are
9 feet tall and span 19 feet, however, you can certainly
shorten/lengthen to suit your space. Asking $5,000.00 BZD

See Madisco website for pics

The Accordion Hurricane Shutter is a very strong and durable
shutter that moves horizontally between an upper and lower
track. Interlocking aluminum blades make up the protective
wall of the shutter. The accordion shutter glides along on
tracks and a wheel assembly which provides easy free gliding
movements. This shutter set has a center opening, so that
half the shutter moves toward the right and the other half
towards the left. The blades of the accordion stack out of
view at the ends of the track. The Accordion Hurricane
Shutter provides protection against hurricanes, flying
debris, theft and forced entry. The accordion shutter also
reduces noise and provides privacy.

Call 628-8343 or send PM

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