The thinset should be applied on both the tile and the floor.
They often use material that is too dry or don't use thinset at all just wet cement.
All about ignorance among guys who have otherwise done a lot of attractive tilework.I fired two in a row for refusing to do it correctly even after learning how.
Your concrete may fail also over time unless you cured it and that is rarely done in Belize.Windy and sunny conditions make that problem worse.
The cost of curing is almost zero. The cost of not curing? See all this cementwork with the surface letting loose?
This effect is called spalling from badly cured concrete. It must be kept very wet for a week after hardening. Not a light mist for a couple minutes. Most Concrete work in the Cayes would have been torn out right away in a real project with an inspector in the 1st world for lack of curing.

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