Hi! As it says, I'm a newby to these posts. My family and I will be visiting AC for the first time, staying at Casa Coco Escondido mid June.

I took the Crusty the Clown Speed reading course but there are a few questions I still have that I didn't see posted.

Is the water O.K. at these private residences?

Do we take the hand ferry to get to our Casa, if so, what do we do about bags and bags of groceries?

Are kayaks readily available, and how is snorkeling using a sea kayak? Anybody done this?

Where can I snorkel with the sea turtles?

Cave tubing sounds great, but expensive. Any pointers?

Any recommendations for a good Mayan ruin site? Tikal is too expensive do to the size of our family - Two parents and three grown kids (well, one's a tag along).

Thank you for all the great posts!!!!! You've already helped so much!!

Many more questions to come!