According to Patrick Jones:

The People's United Party (PUP) appears to be in turmoil tonight following a decision to disallow an aspiring candidate to challenge party-favorite Arthur Saldivar in an open convention this coming weekend in Belize Rural North. Sources tell me that at a Central Party Council meeting this afternoon, Deputy Leader Daniel Silva verbally informed Party Leader John Briceņo that he was resigning because he could not support the party's decision to endorse Saldivar instead of letting him face the challenge. I also understand that another member of the PUP Executive is also resigning for the same reason.

Then Anthony Silvestre resonded:
I am a member of the National Executive of the PUP and was present at that National Executive Meeting your news bulletin refers to. It is INACCURATE to say that the party is"disallowing an aspiring candidate to challenge party- favo...urite Arthur Saldivar." The party is doing no such thing- a party press release on the matter, as I understand it, is forthcoming!

From a friend...

This issue is being discussed at length on the Morning Buzz. Seems the UDP"s are trying to put in place a weaker candidate and the people of the area are sensing that. This is being pushed by Rufus X who suddenly is now back in the PUP camp.
They are also insisting that they have control of the voter's list which should be exclusive to PUP members. This is not an open convention. It is a bit messy but not unsurmountable.