The Belize Port Authority has now established a desk in the customs office in San Pedro.
Here are the new charges for visiting boats.

Belize Port Authority Charges
These charges are just from the Belize Port Authority and are independent of Customs, Immigration, Health and Agricultural charges.
Information received from Charlotte Martinez, Belize Port Authority, in January 2011 (phone 223-0716).
Charges are based on Gross Registered Tonnage, an obsolete term, still used in Belize. These tons are measurements of volume, not weight, one ton is equivalent to 100 cubic feet.

Boarding costs between BZ$30 and BZ$75 depending on tonnage, for less than 30 GRT it is BZ$30
Navigational Aids Dues are 1.5 times the GRT
Pilotage Dues, paid even if pilots are not used, BZ$6 times draught, plus BZD0.08 times GRT, times 2.
Daily Port Dues BZ$30 for the first 48 hours then 10 BZ$ a day.
Exit fee BZ$30

Temporary Registration, assuming customs will grant the stay costs:-
3 months, BZ$250. 9 months BZD750, 1 year BZD1,000.
A safety inspection is obligatory, BZ$50. If outside Belize City transportation costs need to be paid.

Seems like Belize is getting even more expensive to visit? Another reason to skip Belize and head straight for Guatemala or Honduras, they need the gringo's money.

Peter Verralls