The suspect that we have been looking for may identify himself as a Police Officer, give false information about a crime that had been reported and attempt to collect money for the Neighborhood Watch.

NOBODY collects on behalf of our organization.

Suspect may also state that he is sponsoring a soccer team and/or on behalf of the town board.

If anyone with GOLD FRONT TEETH approaches with any of th ese attempts please call the Police and myself at 661-6353 immediately.

Physical description: Wearing a light blue soccer jersey, Belizean man about 5'5"-5'6", short black hair, gold caps/teeth. Very mild mannered.

I believe this man MAY ? travel and or hang with th e B.E.L. man that delivers the bills to this area ?

PLEASE try to capture a picture of this man so that he may be apprehended and handled appropriately through the justice system.

Thank you again,