Hello everybody!
This is my first post, and I'm very excited that I found this forum!!
So here is the story (will try to keep it short .. I was born.. lol just kidding),
Me and my wife and my 6 month old daughter (she did not really have much to say about it) are planning to come to the San Pedro for few months - I think 3 months up to 6 months. We both are into diving and snorkeling and looove sandy beaches and have been to carrabean few times and love weather and people. In fact I was to Caye Caulker when I was younger, 8 years ago and I remember it was just absolutelly amazing.

Anyway we are looking for some place to rent in the fall 2011 (starting september or october or november) - we are flexible about the dates, once we find and 'book' the place to stay we want to book plane tickets.
Earlier I would just come down to the island and look for place while being there, but since we have little baby - things got complicated.

We are looking for unexpensive (something around $500) one bedroom apartment/condo that must have internet access (I will have to keep working online - I know suks it but what you gonna do??). We are non-smokers and will keep the place clean, no pets (they will stay in europe).

Also I'm concerned about few other things and would like to ask more questions, but for now finding a place to stay is the first most critical point of our plan:)

I hope you can help me out with this, or just point in right direction. I realize there are probably plenty of posts like mine, so I apologize if I'm in a way 'trashing' this forum...

Ok that's all for now smile Looking forward to hear some ideas!!

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