Bareed. In Belize we get the news. Plenty of it. Including Al-Jazeera.

It is said that TRUTH is the first casualty of war. Twitter revolutions are no exception.

I will be far more interested in facts assembled by individuals who have done a little more due diligence than being shot at - IMHO these live on the spot news guys are all about sensationalism (they are paid to get you to watch and listen NOW, regardless). They are rarely good investigative reporters - unfortunately their employers are after viewers, not facts.

PS - I do not mean to sound unsympathetic, because I am not unsympathetic at all. I'm an old hippie who has been in a march or two herself. What I learned from that - unfortunately - is that masses (even well motivated ones) are often manipulated by the guy with the biggest bull-horn (or in this case the nearest TV camera). You whip up a heartfelt good intention in thousands of people and then in the heat of the moment become the cannon fodder for a whole other agenda. Be careful of that - VERY careful.