To drive here as a local you have to excel at the following:

~Never ever look over your shoulder. Ever. Mirror is to check your hair.
~If somoene is parked on your side of the road meaning you have to cross into oncoming traffic so long as you get to the gap first go for it as fast as possible, much better if you stop the oncoming traffic that has right of way and allow everyone behind you to also follow.
~Wait in your Parking space to pull out into traffic until the the traffic coming behind you has to dramatically slow or better yet stop, to let you out. Don't hesitate, just pull out and never look.
~If reversing out into trafic from your property wait to ensure to stop the traffic flow in at least one direction and ideally pull out across both sides of the road. Don't hesitate, just pull out and never look.
~If at a crossroads junction and crossing the flow of traffic (ie turning left) pull out before the people opposite you and cut off their right of way. Leave it as late as possible so they are already in motion, but fast enough to get there first. Don't look at them and dont ever hesitate.
~The bigger your vehicle the bigger your right of way and you can get to your destination without ever stopping, perhaps even slowing down.

If a tourist:

~Drive exceptionally slowly in the middle of the road looking in the window of every shop - remember there are shops on both sides.