The Belize City Council today launched the beginning of its Street Naming project and thirty four educators around Belize were honored in a ceremony at the Unity Presbyterian Primary School. Mayor of Belize City, Zenaida Moya-Flowers says through arduous deliberation the committee believes that the first people to be recognized should be educators and developers of the nation.

Zenaida Moya Flowers Mayor, Belize City

As you can see some of these individuals here or some of us who actually sit in the street naming committee, and so they are very intelligent people and they all agree that educators should be the first group of people that should be recognized. So I want to thank them for making it very easy for agreeing with that proposal for agreeing upon that. What we are doing today should resolve a lot of problems so its also recognizing you because when we are, you know, they have saying when you are dead and gone your name will still live on. Well those who will be recognized your names will live on, your names will forever be on streets and the street signs. People will continuously when they are sending whatever bills or mails and when they say, where do you live? They will be able to say that they live on such and such street. And so your names will be etched in history forever.

Acknowledgement was given to educators with over thirty five years of teaching experience and includes Sister Therese Sparks, Owen Morrison, Basil Coleman and Hilda Foreman among others. The initiative will extend to the Lake Independence and all streets will have a proper street name and sign.