The Art of Life - The Jewel Stand

By Christopher Emmanuel
“We are all diamonds seeking to be polished”

Selling jewelry on the beach all depends on the weather for her. On cloudy days I pass by the makeshift stand-an oil drum with plywood on it empty. Today she is carefully placing her jewels on a cloth. “A wan sell today have to mine me picne.” “Me man done gwane an lef we.” She says as I pass by. She polishes the jewels with a loving touch every day to keep the shine. Later as the sun sets she will pack the jewels taking the table cloth leaving the stand behind.

We could all learn from the lady at the jewel stand. In each of us is a jewel we take with us when we pass on. This is the essence we are without bodies. This essence belongs to the Divine source energy we are. This jewel is all we can take with us. The stand is the body we leave behind to decay back into the dust it came from.

Some people worship the body and its desires so much that they struggle to let go of people, places and things. The now pleasures can be intoxicating and make addicts of us all. School prepared us for life, but preparation for passing on we are not taught. Nature walks, Church songs, your child’s stare, your favorite creative sport or activity, any and everything that connects us to this expanded nature teaches us our essence. Once we know our true essence and work towards polishing it. Death is no longer a bother but just a passage to go home to love.

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