The Belize Sugar Industry is on a hair trigger tonight after reports emerged today stating that one turbine is back, but it's not working.
Viewers will recall that the Tower Hill Factory was forced to shut down two and a half weeks ago when two turbines failed. Those generate electricity for the BELCOGEN side of the operation. The report at the time was that the plant would be forced to shut down for three, possibly four weeks.

But there was optimism on Friday when one of the turbines came back from repair and it was expected that the plant could resume operations earlier than expected.

But, it was not to be. Reports to 7News say it worked fine in testing, but when it was fully installed, a malfunction appeared - and they haven't been able to rectify it.

As we understand it another turbine is due back from repairs shortly - and so that is pending.

But there are growing fears that operations will not resume within the expected timeframe. Again, though, we're only at two and a half weeks so it is too early to tell…

Channel 7