Women’s month is being celebrated with the theme valuing ourselves – promoting shared responsibility. A number of activities have been planned across the country. In Corozal an exhibit to showcase women who have contributed to the development of that municipality will open tomorrow. David Ackerman is the Chairman of the Institute of Creative Arts in Corozal.

David Ackerman – Chairman, ICA, Corozal

“The exhibit is themed, La Voz de la mujer, or the voice of women and it is going to be opened at the Town Council tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. It is featuring 10 prominent women who have contributed and are still contributing, some past and present contributing to art and culture in our entire district. The women that we are covering cover different areas; people who have contributed in performing arts, visual arts, in literature; the 10 women are covering a wide range of components. This is the first of its kind in Corozal and ICA Corozal is launching this as the first one and we are planning to continue on a yearly basis. Unfortunately we do not have a House Of Culture, we are working towards that. We are planning to restore the old market which is by the pier that services people coming in and going to San Pedro. We are hoping that this year in April we will be getting assistance from the Belize Tourist Board to do the refurbishing of our House of Culture. This time we are going to open the exhibit at Town Council and we are going to have that for one week and on the 12th we will make a presentation at Art in the Park. From there we will take the exhibition on tour to the high schools and six forms which is Corozal Community College, Adventist College and Escuela Secundaria Mexico.

Ackerman says the exhibit will travel to the schools so young people can appreciate the value of the women featured in the exhibition.