Game meat and river race go hand in hand

If you will be heading to the annual La Ruta Maya race along the river banks of the Macal and Belize Rivers, then you’ll be able to have that coveted serving of game meat. There is surely to be an abundance of deer, gibnut, armadillo, hicatee or another type of game meat with your rice and beans or white rice this weekend because a ban on the sale game meat without proper permits has been shelved. The Forestry Department had originally advised residents on the route of the Ruta Maya canoe race, that it would be implementing a license fee of a one hundred dollars on persons who wished to sell game meat for the four-day weekend. The outcry by the residents was loud and clear, because game meat to the area has the same meaning as apple pie has to Americans. According to a release from the Ministry of Natural Resources, it has approved the waiver of all game meal dealer license fees between March fourth and seventh. The Forestry Department says it will, however, continue to enforce efforts to protect wildlife.

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