Double Head Doubles the Pleasure; Game Meat Gets The Green Light!

Last night we told you about the woes of the villagers in Double Head: three days before the Ruta Maya Canoe stops in their village for the first time, they were warned that selling game meat is illegal without a two thousand dollars license. The Forestry Department agreed to bring that license down to one hundred dollars for the weekend - but when villagers still complained at the sudden additional costs, something had to give…and tonight, we're happy to report that it's the ministry which did.

Chief Forestry Officer Wilbur Sabido today confirmed to 7news that in view of the circumstances his department has agreed to issue a temporary waiver to all handlers, hunters and dealers in game meat in the Double Head Area. The waiver, he tells us, will last for the entire long weekend.

The Chairlady of Double Head, Ardeth McFadzean told us by phone today that she couldn't be happier:

Jules Vasquez
"What is the indication now?"

Ardeth McFadzean, Chairlady - Double Head Cabbage
"Well the indications now is that everything, that we received a waver that will be effective tomorrow until Monday and so that the vendors doesn't have to pay $100 and we are very grateful for that because we knew that majority of the vendors would not be able to come up with that $100."

Jules Vasquez
"Around what time will things be kicking off there in Double Head?"

Ardeth McFadzean, Chairlady - Double Head Cabbage
"We are thinking that maybe around 10:30 - 11:00. The first canoe should be coming around 11:00. Things will be here ready from 9 o' clock - you will be able to get that hot plate of gibnut meat, iguana and the other game meat. "

And while there'll be game meat aplenty available this weekend - the law, which we've now all become very aware of, prohibits the hunting or sale of game meat without the requisite permit. Also there are closed seasons for all game animals, and right now, the season is closed for all game meat except peccary and deer.

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