Prinzzess Talks Girlfriends Films on 'Maury Povich'
By David Maxwell,

[Linked Image] LOS ANGELES Girlfriends Films exclusive contract star Prinzzess was a featured guest last week on "The Maury Povich Show" in New York.

Prinzzess talked about her Amish upbringing and her company Girlfriends Films, among other topics, during the episode which was themed "Geek to Chic."

While no air date has been set, the show is said to have a positive angle on adult. Prinzzess was billed as "a Girlfriends Films contract star, model and lesbian porn star."

In addition to Prinzzess, a contestant from "America's Next Top Model" was also on the show, providing a bullied teenager with a full make-over.

Prinzzess grew up on a farm in Belize, where her parents were missionaries. She is part Cherokee and Seminole Indian, with some Honduran and Hungarian blood mixed in. The starlet was told she was the "most beautiful" guest ever on the "Povich" show.

from a friend....
Quite a journey from the bush in Belize to the bush in....ahhh, never mind...