A female American National, identified as Cara Bray, suffered a jet skiing accident in the waters of the Boca Chica area shortly before 11:30am.

According to her husband Jack Bray, they were on the jet ski, with Cara in the back seat, when they hit another jet ski in front of them. According to an eyewitness aboard the SP Water Jets Express boat heading in to San Pedro from Belize City, passengers saw an obviously injured Bray floating in the water. Those onboard the boat rendered assistance and ensured that Bray was transported to the San Pedro PolyClinic II.

According to Dr. Otto Rodriguez, attending physician, Bray was complaining of a severe pain in the back area. She was stabilized, and because the San Pedro PolyClinic II is not equipped to treat such an emergency, Bray was airlifted to Belize City for further medical attention.

San Pedro Sun