According to news reports, a Panamanian-flagged Cuban-leased ship transporting salt between Mexico and Honduras capsized late Saturday night off Caye Caulker. Eight crew have been rescued. Three are still missing.

But www.7newsbelize says:

11 men aboard the 220 foot cargo vessel named Helga on Sunday morning at 1:00 am. They were transporting a cargo of salt from Coloradas, Mexico to Puerto Cortez Honduras, a route they often travel...

Now the water out in the blue can be as deep as a thousand feet, and at one in the morning in the throes of a squall, eight of them made it to a safety vessel.

And reports:

Helga, a Panamanian flagged vessel was leased to a Cuban company as was used for trade. The boat was heading from Panama to Mexico with a cargo of salt. Love News understands that the day of the incident, the wind was blowing at about 15-25 knots and waves were as high as about 15 feet outside the reef, making rescue operations more challenging. According to several experience boat men, the water depth is estimated to be about 13 thousand feet in some areas where sudden drops are found.