65 hours sea no sighing of 3 missing men; family in Cuba are anxious
Three days after Helga went down in Belizean waters, the search continued today. Jorge Aldana has an update to the story.

Jorge Aldana – San Pedro Correspondent
After 65 hours, there is still no word from the three missing men at sea. The three missing persons namely Captain Arturo Edreira Cuza and crew members Nelson Perez Ardao and Alexis Gonzalez were all on board Helga, a Panamanian flagged ship that was transporting salt from Honduras to Mexico when in sank on Saturday night in Belizean waters.
According to the Belize National Coast Guard, the search restarted early this morning and concluded shortly after 5:00 PM. The search was futile since there were no visible sightings of any of the three men. The search for the trio will resume tomorrow however it is uncertain as to how much days before the search is discontinued.
And while the intensive search continues, family members both in Miami Florida in the USA and in Cuba are anxiously waiting for any word or new development in regards to news of their love ones. A family of Captain Arturo Cuza living in Miami explained to Love News that they are devastated and are still in shock. While they are asking Belizeans to keep them in prayers, they are also hoping for the best. According to family members Captain Cuza is married and is the father of two all of whom live in Cuba.
Following the rescue of the eight men who were also on board the vessel at the time of the incident, all the search and rescue crew have recovered so far is 10 passports.

Reporting for Love News, I am Jorge Aldana.

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