[Linked Image] Thereís a developing story in the tourism industry tonight. A major tour operating company has had its license revoked, at least temporarily. It follows the death of fifty-nine year old Diana Mechling on February second of this year. Mechling was killed when the propeller on the boat she had traveled on to Goffís Caye slashed her right leg and pelvis while in the water. Mechling and her husband, Michael, were among a number of tourists who went on the expedition to snorkel at the tourist destination. An investigation was quickly launched by the Belize Port Authority, the Belize Tourism Board, and the Belize Police Department, after which, the captain of the vessel, Martin Pariente, was charged with Negligently Causing Loss of Life under the Harbors and Merchant Shipping Act. Pariente also lost his captainís license indefinitely, and the vessel, Reef Rocket, operated by David Geggís Cruise Solutions, was banned from doing business pending further inquiries. The Belize Tourism Board revoked the license of Cruise Solutions, that went to court to get an injunction today. Thereís also word that Mechlingís family will be suing Cruise Solutions. Weíll have more on this story in Fridayís news report.

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