Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Wednesday met with members of the Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association Managing committee and advisory council. According to the BFCA the objective of the meeting was to discuss a five point agenda that the fishers felt were of some priority to the commercial fishing sector. The meeting looked at enforcement as a priority, hurricane relief assistance to the sector, duty incentives, low cost financing mechanisms and licensing. After some discussion, it was agreed that some issues could not be addressed at one meeting and it was further agreed that there should be follow up on the issues of enforcement, duty incentives, low cost funding mechanisms and licensing. Other issues such as hurricane relief to those affected by Hurricane Richard would have to wait for the external agencies such as FAO to provide some feedback. The fishers also discussed the possibility of having increased fisher participation in the management process and increased attention from the government. In attendance at the meeting were Alan Bevans-Green, Estevan Solis, Pedro Alvarez, Carlton Young and Carlos Cruz. Dwight Neal attended as technical advisor to the BFCA.