One month ago, we introduced you to John Brackett - the community minded citizen who's become the lone crusader against text messaging while driving. It is such a manifestly dangerous practice that you might think just the thought of self-preservation would be enough to deter anyone from doing it. But not so: insulated from the outside world by a few thousand pounds of metal and glass, drivers - including some in this very newsroom - just keep driving and texting. Well, the good news is that Brackett's crusade continues. In fact, he's stepped it up: he's gone from a walking handmade billboard to some slick mini - posters. We found him hanging them up today and asked him why:…

John Brackett
"I am putting up my posters, obviously it say "lef d fone lone" we need to step up the level of safety but first we need to step up the level of awareness. This is an initiative to raise the level of safety in this country and there must be a starting point and I believe this is the starting point Jules."

Jules Vasquez
"But I see people texting and driving still."

John Brackett
"Well of course, I am waiting until the authorities are ready and there will be all different types and level of awareness until my voice have been heard by the people in authority Jules."

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