The night was cool, but inside the Saca Chispas football field, things were heating up amongst the audience as groups of supporters cheered on their favorite contestant at the 2011-2012 Miss Chiquitita pageant. Seven beautiful young ladies ranging from the ages of four through eight were vying for a title as part of fundraising efforts for San Pedro Pre-School.

Set up as a proper pageant, with an opening dance number, swimwear, talent and evening gown segments, Miss Chiquitita was about presentation, poise and confidence. Judges Ceci Lara, Horacio “Chito” Guerrero, Miss San Pedro Natasha Stuart, Jessie Leslie and Samalia Vernon deliberated long and hard throughout the competition. They had to award points for poise, presentation, talent, and stage presence. Each young lady did very well, giving their best with the knowledge that only one would be crowned a winner – so for the judges, their work was certainly cut out for them.

The crowd grew more and more enthusiastic as the night wore on. Supporters chanted their favorite’s name, throwing confetti, balloons and blowing horns as their favorite girls showed up for the last time onstage in their evening gowns. Yanni Ayala (7), Elsie Belisle (6), Nathalie Bolzle (6), Gabriella Knox-Alexander (7), Nathalie Mejia (6), Noely Wiltshire (6) and Gidelie Rivero (8) proudly sashayed in their beautiful ball gowns, twinkling and smiling for the crowd. After a final walk through, they stood before the crowd waiting for the results of the pageant.
The first prize announced was Miss Congeniality, and that honor went to Miss Nathalie Bolzle, who was very excited and happy as she received her sash. Miss Photogenic was Miss Gidelie Rivero, and she also swept up the place of first runner up. Everyone held their breath in anticipation, as former Miss San Pedro (and mistress of ceremonies) Raquel Badillo kept the suspense going. Finally, she leaned over and gave a quick kiss to Miss Gabriella Knox-Alexander, San Pedro’s newest little beauty ambassador, Miss Chiquitita 2011-2012!
Miss Chiquitita is crowned...
Gabby takes the crown...
Part of the talent show included this dance to Shakira's Loca

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