The concrete wall that encloses the Isla Bonita Elementary School got a face lift on Saturday. Once plain, the wall now boasts beautifully painted art designs by intern art and Physical Education (PE) teacher, Natalie Burk.

Natalie Burk is from Philadelphia, USA, attending school in northern California. As part of her program, she joins a group that travels in the fall, and in the spring time, travels solo, interning in various parts of the world.

She informs The San Pedro Sun that she was in Mexico working with the indigenous Maya making paper. When her internship in Mexico didn't work out as planned, she decided to take a southbound bus. Once in Belize, she was informed of the need for a PE/Arts teacher at Isla Bonita Elementary. She jumped at the opportunity and is now enjoying the beauty of the island and the kindness and warmth of the people.

She decided to engage the students in this endeavor to change the face of the Isla Bonita's fence. With the initiative of "Being a part of the Change - Create the change in the community you are living in", teachers, parents, students and volunteer teacher students gathered on Saturday for a day of fun, painting and a Bar-B-Q sale.

Natalie arrived on Ambergris Caye on March 10th and is scheduled to leave on April 15, 2011.

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