I want to experience Ambergrise Caye and then return home when I am ready. My research shows me that I can fly round trip from Los Angeles to Belize City for about $750 inclusive. Around $700 one way! I can cut the one way costs by flying from LA to Cancun and back for about $225 one way. A nice bus to Belize City makes good sense here but I am still looking at regional airlines for the run from Cancun to Belize City. Maya Island Air offers a fare for $261 inclusive one way. First off whose dollars are being quoted in this instance? Belizean or U.S.? Secondly, are there alternative flights for less? AND, does anyone offer travel by sea such as a ferry (I doubt it). Renting a car makes sense if I could turn it in in Chetumal but I could not find an agency that offered that. There could be alternatives one of YOU might know of. Hense this post. No doubt there have similar questions on this site before but I skimmed through and did not see the answers to my particular concerns. thanks bob s