Itís graduation day, after 4 days of intense training, Belize Police Department ...personnel graduate from the AFIX Tracker Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print System Course.

Central America Regional Security Initiative, or CARSI, represents the United Statesí response to our deep seated concerns about the deteriorating citizen safety environment in Central America. Soaring crime and murder rates are unsustainable; the economic... and social impact of crime is beginning to impact the underlying fabric of society; and, if crime rates continue unabated, political stability and order could be threatened when citizens believe that the organs of government are incapable of protecting them from harm. CARSI focuses not only on interdicting narcotics, firearms, and bulk cash and on disrupting gangs and organized crime, but concurrently supports efforts to enhance the capacity, professionalization, and effectiveness of the regionís police, prosecutors, judiciary, courts, and prison systems. CARSI also seeks to address the root causes of crime through economic and social development programs, which seek to enhance community policing programs, provide programming to reduce the attractiveness of gang membership to at-risk youth, and create employment and training opportunities for citizens residing in high-crime communities.

U.S. Embassy Belize