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Caribbean stakeholders have sought to organise themselves by forming the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) which was officially launched in July 2006. C-SWA’s objective is to develop the Spa and Wellness sector and to position the Caribbean as a preferred destination in the world’s largest Spa and Wellness sector. It has developed a 3-5 year work plan to boost the sector. In this regard, The Caribbean Aid for Trade and Regional Integration Trust Fund (CARTFund) administered by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and financed by the UK Development for International Development (DFID) approved the project Development and Promotion of the Caribbean Health and Wellness Tourism Sector. Hence a consultant was contracted by Caribbean Export to undertake a health and wellness market research survey and sector strategy for the development and promotion of the Caribbean Health and Wellness Tourism Sector.

Belize Objectives

· Inform the prospective stakeholders to the objectives and activities of Caribbean Export Development Agency & CARTFund Health and Wellness Project to bring awareness.

· Discuss how C-SWA can help the Belize Health and Wellness Sector and discuss the role that C-SWA can play to support the development of this sector.

· Discuss the problems and weaknesses of the Belize Wellness Sector and how best these issues can be overcome.

· The strengthening of regional cooperation and the introduction of standards within the sectors.

· The creation of a cohesive Health and Wellness sector throughout the Caribbean.

· Increased knowledge of the sector.

See C-SWA Newsletter and membership application form as promised. We encourage you to join the association (free for 2011) and help create the Caribbean brand as the World’s largest Spa & Wellness destination.

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