The beach eh? Well, the first thing I should say is, you don't go to Belize for the Beach. I mean don't get me wrong, they are okay but by no means would I say marvelous or fantastic (now Maui has a fantastic beach) I learned about this before we went and I'm very happy I did because I love to lay out on the beach and if I had been expecting more of the beach I would have been disapointed. I also missed the fact that the snorkeling from the beach wasn't great either. But let me say, paying $20 for someone to take me out to the reef was absolutely more than worth it. March was our first trip to A.C. and even though the the beach wasn't perfect, everything else was great and we defintely will be going back. I had a trip report called "Paradise Withdrawls" you could do a search if you like. But by no means worry about it, you will have a "fantistic" time.