Where I live there is no service except by the sattelite. I get internet and tv service from Canada via a 3rd party supplier company in Belize City. It is expensive, but I do take my TV and internet seriously - I want it. I want to watch Survior and them hot women on Desperat Housewives. Plus they have a good selection of movies for when I'm not running naked thru the jungle.

Most of the big villages have cable and is much cheaper, but I live backabush.

But you just gave me an idea for my next blog review, will be on inland infrastrucure ;-)

Tim Walkabout
North Central Riversdale
Stann Creek District
Belize. Central America
(just a lill past the pig farm then turn at Lost Reef Resort and go south just beyond the BTL pay phone)

Dr Walkabout Buzzard