I bet you guys are getting tired of reading this stuff but here goes anyway!!

Me and my better half STAR are planning to expat down to your "neck of the woods" and are STARVING for information.

We are both retired U.S. Navy and love the ocean but have found that what we are seeking is unattainable here in the U.S.

We are both in our mid 40's and ready to slow down a "LITTLE"

We are avid Harley riders and for what we understand the cayes are somewhat "off limits" and we can understand that but STILL want to be REAL close to the beach!!!

We are by NO means wealthy but at the same time we are MORE than happy to work hard for what we want.

I used to own 50% of a business building hurricane "PROOF" houses and we would LOVE to find a small lot somewhere close to or (why not dream) ON the beach WITHOUT neighbors!!! I have a U.S. patent for a "wave generator" which would put us in a position to set up "camp" off the grid so to speak.

At the same time we are NOT hermits so roads and a store not TO far away would be nice!! A bar would be GREAT!!!

ANY info or just a little chat would be VERY apreciated!

Charles and Star Highlander.