As we are getting towards the end of the school year and Be Kind Belize is about to start working with San Pedro Summer Camp, please don't forget that we are always very grateful to receive prizes for the children. These can be small things like cars, marbles, soft toys or scholastic prizes. The children earn these prizes through participation, doing their homework well and by being kind and generous of spirit. Because we started the programme in Cayo and are so proud to say that Belmopan Humane Society have put nearly 300 children through the Be Kind Belize programme, we've been sharing out the donations. So prizes are starting to get a bit thin on the ground.

This week, we have a speech writing contest at Holy Cross School. The children will have written speeches on 'Kindness in the Community' and will be judged by a panel of Lions Club members. It's all very exciting, but we need your support with the practical donations to make it all happen.

So big thanks to those who have been supporters of Be Kind Belize and big thanks in advance to those of you who will become supporters of Be Kind Belize. A few minutes at the dollar store, a little space in your luggage and you will be helping to make the world a kinder place.

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” Jean-Jacques Rousseau