This is the time of year when I come, hat in hand, on behalf of all those children who have graduated Holy Cross School and are now making their way through High School. Some of them are doing great, some of them are battling against the odds, but all of them are doing something that could really change their life - getting a high school education.

Finishing high school is a huge achievement for these kids, but the odds are really stacked against them. In Belize, only about 1 in 65 children ever finish high school - and the main reason they don't finish is that they just don't have the money to do so. You can make a real difference by making a donation towards high school scholarships.

Our children are about to graduate, and we have 5 children who we believe have a good chance of doing well at high school, but do not yet have a scholarship. We have another 26 children already in high school who are looking for full or partial scholarships.

So how much are we talking about? Well, for the first year it's $750 US. That includes fees, text books and uniforms. Second year is $850, third is $1,150, and final year is $1,250. But even if you cannot afford a full scholarship (we know you have bills to pay too), then even a partial scholarship can really make a difference. If you make your donation through the Holy Cross Education Foundation, then you get a tax advantage. Find out more at www.hcefoundation.org.

If you're interested in providing a full or partial scholarship, please contact the Office Manager Linda Carter at [email protected]

On behalf of the Children of Holy Cross and San Mateo, thank you

Lydia Brown
Volunteer Coordinator

Support Holy Cross School at www.hcefoundation.org or www.holycrossbelize.org