Very fun video of Charlie Price the Belizean rat narrating where all he's been in Belize.

Chaaly Prise, named after one Sir Charles Price, thought to have introduced the cane piece rat to Jamaica in the 1700's (although he apparently didn't).

For Charlie Price memories... CLICK HERE

Those Giant Charlie Prices! Memories in San Pedro.

Close your eyes for the fifth week to enjoy some great Belizean memories, especially those that lived in San Pedro. I am talking going way… way…way back not just thirty but fifty and sixty years ago. I am talking about the time when the infamous Charlie price infested the homes and warehouses in Belize City and we fought hard to prevent their coming to San Pedro. Charlie Price were huge (almost giant) rats measuring about ten inches in body length and about twenty from head to the tip of the tail. They were five times larger than the mice we had in San Pedro and we made sure boxes coming from the City in The Elsa P. or any fishing boat was inspected before taken home.

Remember we used to tease that the cats were afraid of these Charlie Price rats. The one or two gringos that saw these rats used to say that you could put a saddle on a Charlie Price and enter it into the Kentucky Derby.