Yesterday morning at 630 am, Jose Luis Zapata Photography and Dorian Nunez, from Ambergris Today Newspaper arrived at my house to pick me up. Awful early for us, but we had to catch the 7 am flight to Municipal Airstrip and pick up our rental car. We arrived at their resort right on time, 9 am.

Briton and Danielle were waiting for us in the super cool lobby area of their resort. Danielle was just finishing her first Bloody Mary, which she apparently needed quite badly! You see, this whole thing was a surprise arranged by Briton and I. Danielle went to the airport in Houston on Tuesday thinking she and Briton were heading to Cozumel. It wasnt until they got the airport that she found out that they were coming to Belize. But that wasnt all of the surprise. Briton and I had arranged a Maya Commitment Ceremony on the Altun Ha Ruins, presided over by Shaman Rosario Panti.

Briton had packed for both of them, and Danielle didnt know that she had white linen pants in the suitcase smile Briton had a lovely simple cotton dress (she listened to my advice…anything else would have been MISERABLY hot). When Briton laid the clothes out in the morning, Danielle kept asking why she had to get all dressed up to go to the pool! She had no idea what lay ahead. Poor Briton was so nervous, that she sputtered out that she had to get ready because “they” were coming. Danielle, of course, had no idea who “They” were, and when she asked, Briton couldnt hold it in any longer. She blurted out “Lara and the photographer and the videographer!”. Poor confused Danielle still couldnt understand why all these people were needed to simply go to the pool smile Briton filled her in.

Jose Luis Zapata Photography was on hand to get photo’s of the historic event, and Ambergris Today Newspaper’s own Dorian Nunez came to videotape the event. I Do Belize Weddings arranged for the paperwork and offered to provide a bouquet, but I said I’d make a bouquet for them from flowers found at the resort. Turned out beautifully smile Thanks to all for the back-end support on this!

So, we piled into my rental car, and off we all went to Altun Ha Maya Ruins. Rosario’s car was acting up, so she said she’d be a little late. What to do when your Maya Shaman is running late? Well, i suppose its time for a belikin or two! We had some beers and stayed cool while we waited, and this helped to calm poor Briton’s nerves. After a short while, Rosario arrived, and we all entered the Plaza.

Rosario had asked us all the be in white to represent purity. She had Flor and a man with her, and together they gave a blessing in Maya. At one point, Rosario, Danielle and Briton held hands making an arch under which those in attendance (me, jose, dorian, and the maya couple) walked. There was Copal (incense) burning, and the entire ceremony was about 35 – 40 minutes, and was very interesting and lovely. Danielle and Briton both cried a wee bit, and i must admit, i welled up too.

Tomorrow Briton and Danielle will come to San Pedro from the “Reef” portion of the “Ruin and Reef” wedding week. The always fantastic Portofino Beach Resort will be their host for the remainder of their week long “Surprise Wedding at the Maya Ruins”. I am very proud to be a part of the team that made this happen, and i am very excited to be able to bring this amazing experience to others out there looking for a place to come to feel truly blessed in their union.

May this be the first of many!

To see pics, please go to Romantic Travel Belize Blog: First Same Sex Maya Ruin w Shaman Commitment Ceremony a Success! Email [email protected] to plan your dream Maya Ruin Ceremony

One love. Namaste.

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