July 05, 2011

Illegal logging has been a problem throughout Belize, and today the Leader of the People’s National Party, Will Mahia expressed his concerns over the issue. Mahia first raised the concern on Facebook and the posting has been gathering a huge response with varying opinions on the issue. Late this evening Mahia told Love News that illegal logging, particularly the harvest of Rose Wood is become a fast growing problem in the Toledo District.

Will Maheia – Leader, PNP
“I am very much concerned about the amount of natural resources, in this case rosewood that is leaving the district and I have been asking questions and nobody seems to have answers. Right now at the Forestry Department there is a big semi trailer truck that was confiscated filled with rosewood that was not stamped which means it was cut illegally and we cannot get any answers from the Forestry Department and it is a big concern to me as a Belizean and somebody who is looking out for the interest of the District. The fact of the matter is that everywhere you turn in this district, rosewood is leaving the district and there is no sustainability in the way they are cutting it, in plans in place, it is like a free for all. I would say that the majority of it is cut illegally. The Forest Department in Punta Gorda, the Forest Officer told us that he had received word from Belmopan that he cannot issue any comment on the log that is presently at the Forest compound in Toledo.”

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