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[Linked Image] From photography to art, there’s no lack of talent. Two young Belizean artists are collaborating with the Institute of Creative Arts to showcase their work. Today News Five met one of the artists, who hails from San Pedro and started painting a little over three years ago. Her passion and love for the visual art transcended into the establishment of her own gallery on the island. Melody Sanchez Wolfe says that she uses a number of techniques to guide her work.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

On Friday night over thirty pieces of art work in a collection entitled ‘Art in the city’ by Melody Sanchez Wolfe and Melissa Quan will be on exhibition at the Bliss Center. Sanchez Wolfe says that these pieces on display are for a particular set of art lovers:

Melody Sanchez Wolfe, Artist
[Linked Image] "I’m doing something a little bit different than I did last; in all my other art exhibits which I have done mostly only paintings. This time I have done more like three dimensional paintings. So I have don’t like the one in the background here and the one with the flower that pops out. So I wanted to do more like what the people have not seen and then I also wanted to cater more to people here in Belize City because I fell like last time I came, I got a good response to my artwork and the people here bought it and they liked it and they came to the art show. So this time I am catering specifically to the people here.”

Andrea Polanco
“This is my favorite. Tell me a little bit more about this one.”

[Linked Image] Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“I don’t know if you noticed the orange a little while ago with the crackling. I really like the crackling effect because I like to give a lot of texture to the work and then I wanted to do something that made the crackle pop a lot. So I started playing with flowers. So I built a flower and put it on there and chose a color that made it stand out more against the brown and that’s what I got. I used different materials on it; like here I used a fabric and then here I have the crackle effect and then here I have more foam—like a foam flower.”

Her work boasts pieces from nature to abstract, done in a most unique way.

Melody Sanchez Wolfe [Linked Image] “Sometimes like I don’t feel like being all art and proper so sometime I paint and don’t use a brush at all, I just used my hands. For the street festival, they brought me in and I painted on the streets with just my hands. I have the sailboat painting over there that is the technique I use; just don’t use my hands at all. And this is a technique that I use, I crackle the paint first then I build on it or I’ll crackle the paint, then paint something on it. Just really depends what mood I am in.”

Andrea Polanco
“I saw another one of the other side that you used glitters and all. So you used different materials as well.”

[Linked Image] Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“I probably felt diva that day. I was probably listening to Beyonce or something. But yes I like to use glitter sometimes. So I would put glitter and then do very heavy coats of paint and spray paint to make it stick really well so that if somebody buys my painting it doesn’t come apart.”

Quan’s works also have a distinctive look with vibrant colors:

Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“Melissa’s seems to be inspired more by water. She is a big fan of creatures and dogs and cats. And if you see all her artwork, she has animals and sea life. So she is inspired by nature a lot.”

The artist says a particular painting holds a special place in her heart:

[Linked Image] Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“It’s a painting of a little boy who has no teeth. It’s special to me right now because I have a five year old son and he’s lost all his front teeth and bottom teeth so I painted a painting that it doesn’t look like him, but it’s got that smile and Melissa told me here they call them no teeth shuga. So we named the painting ‘no teeth shuga.”

Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“The island, I live in San Pedro. My son inspires me a lot. He likes fishes so I am always painting fishes. Just music as well. If I have the right music, just something comes out of it. I don’t look at pictures. Sometimes I just look at colors and play music and go with it.”

[Linked Image] Sanchez Wolfe says that this exhibition is a preview of a bigger event next year:

Melody Sanchez Wolfe
“I also have three other artists’ paintings outside Perlita Sabata, Roxana Bradley and Sofie Forman Lizbey because I have an art gallery in the island I want to launch an art exhibit for them next year. So it’s kind of a peep to next year’s art show.”

At the opening night the pieces will be on sale at a ten percent discount. Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

The exhibition opens on Friday night at seven and will run through until the end of the month.

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