Lol, well that's about impossible isn't it Chris? wink Guess we wont be doing any of those eh? Actually the hulls are a rice paper composition and use a water soluble organic glue, they degrade pretty rapidly whether water or land. Where on AC do they shoot the few shows they have?

Barge shows in the States are fired electrically ($$$$$$) and for good reason, most Master Operators dont want to die. I don't know how the few guys in Belize shoot their shows or if they even have shot from barges but unless YOU want to be the guy in the middle of hell when it hits the fan I believe I'll pass Chris. I was on a manual barge shoot "once" when it went bad, and it was very bad. Whats that old MoTown lyric? "Nowhere to run to baby nowhere to hide...." sick

A local show over water would be fun though, certainly avoids the fire hazards on a dry island.

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