Hi there, first I need to admit that I have been lurking for over a year now, taking interest in the forums and news. I am hoping I can get local point of views about our August 2nd wedding and week with our guests.

The wedding is 4pm on August 2nd, hopefully on the beach. I know weather is completely unpredictable, but I wanted your general point of view of what the summer has been like. I am not sure we could expect rain at 4pm, or if there are any tropical depressions in the works. I come from one of the rainiest urban cities in the world and here's to hoping I can leave my non existent summer behind and enjoy some tropical sunny weather!

We have a general plan to see Hol Chan, Blue Hole (diving), Lamanai and the Costa Maya festival while we are here. I followed several threads here with raving about the snorkel/scuba sites and Lamanai. If anyone has suggestions of a must do with a small group (12) people, and if there are certain things we should not attempt in wet/windy conditions please let me know!

I am so excited for this. We leave in 9 days, I can't belive its almost here!