Costa Maya Presents Miss Mexico

Mexico joins the distinguished group of beauties for this year’s pageant with its lovely representative, Valentina Cervera Avila. Valentina stands at 5’ 9”; her dimensions are 35-24.5-36 and she has brown hair and eyes. She enjoys hosting TV and modeling (including runway), as well as being in beauty pageants. She loves to read, and is a fan of sports, movies and technology.

Costa Maya Presents Miss Belize

Belize has finally chosen its representative at this year’s Reina De La Costa Maya pageant. She is Idolly Louise Saldivar. Idolly is a 21-year-old brunette with chocolate brown eyes who stands at 5’10”. Her dimensions are 32-25-35, and she enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her friends. Idolly grew up in Belmopan where she entered and won the Miss Belmopan pageant at the age of 17. She was always interested in fashion, modeling and pageantry and the pageant was her first competition. Since then Idolly has modeled on various runways in Belize and recently she was one of the top models at this year’s Belize Design Week.

Idolly joins Crissia Calvo (Costa Rica), Andrea Bazant Sol (El Salvador), Ana Lucia Florentino (Guatemala), Linda Kennett (Honduras), Valentina Cervera Avila (Mexico), Gissell de los Ángeles Alvarez Ramirez (Nicaragua) and Marielena González Peña (Panama) in the quest to be the 2011 Reina De La Costa Maya. The pageant to be held live on Friday, August 5 at the Saca Chispas field.