Costa Maya Noche Tropical at Ramonís Village

Noche Tropical lived up to its name, partly due to the excellent organization by Ramonís Village that hosted the delegates of the Costa Maya pageant on Saturday, July 30, 2011. The contestants were officially presented with their sash, modeled clothing of pageant sponsor Moondancer boutique and were judged for their cultural costume which they presented to those in attendance.

It was a magical night for both the contestants and attendees of Noche Tropical (previously Noche Sanpedrana) as Ramonís Village and the Costa Maya Pageant organizers set up runway lights and accommodations on the beach for a great night of entertainment. (Ramons's Village is the official sponsor of the Costa Maya Pageant and hosts the delegates during their week-long stay on the island.) The food and drinks were excellent (signature of Pineapples Restaurant and Purple Parrot Bar), the music provided by DJ Habo, lights by Mauricio Mejia and entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Company. Master of Ceremonies Horacio ĎChitoí Guerrero did a great job and Mr. Ramon NuŮez extended a special invitation to the ladies to Ramonís Village and La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize. They all came together for a fun-filled evening.

The contestants of the Costa Maya Pageant were delighted with the islandís hospitality and enjoyed every minute of the event. They showcased the beautiful clothing at Moondance boutique and were judged for their presentation and cultural costumes. This preliminary judging will be added to their score sheet on Pageant Night, August 5 when they will also display their official cultural costume, different from Noche Tropical.

The contestants danced the night away after the San Pedro Dance company invited them to a limbo competition. For more Information, Galleries and Ticket Sales and Season Passes visit the Official Costa Maya Festival Website.

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